2015 Spring

CS 594 – High Performance Visualization

Project: Visualization for Dark Sky Simulation
Technology: 3K Parallel C++ code running on Blue Waters
Details: Implemented parallel volume rendering with level of details (LOD)  for Dark Sky Simulations particle data.
Contribution: 1). Designed and implemented the complete pipeline for parallel data loading, conversion and volume rendering; 2). Created particle to regular grid data conversion. Applied wavelet transform on volumetric data to create memory-efficient LOD.

2014 Fall

CS 501 – Computer Algorithms II

CS 566 – Parallel Processing

IE 567 – Data Mining & Machine Health

2014 Spring

CS 440 – Software Engineering

IE 472 – Operations Research II

IE 494 – Haptics and Augmented Reality

Project: Real-time Physics Simulation in Virtual Reality
Technology: C++ using Bullet Physics Library and Sensimmer SDK
Details: Created virtual reality simulations with real-time dynamics and haptic force feedback.
Contribution:Integrated Bullet Physics Library into Sensimmer SDK.

2013 Fall

CS 526 – Computer Graphics II

TechnologyOmegaLib and CAVE2

ProjectChicago Crime Mape
Details: Visualization of offline crime data and real-time train tracking information for the City of Chicago.

Details: Visualization of the Open Exoplanet Catalogue.
Complexity: 2k Python and shader code

Project: VolView in CAVE2
Technology: OpenSceneGraph
Details: Visualization of volume data with interaction to configure rendering parameters.
Complexity: 2k Python and c++ code
Contribution: Integrated osgVolume into OmegaLib and provided python interface.

ProjectExoplanet chart enhancing
Details: A scatter chart that displays all exoplanets with two user-specified properties for axises. The challenge of this project is to accomodate the vast ranges of different properties in our universe.
Complexity: 4k Python code

CS 583 – Data Mining & Text Mining

Project: Stock Market Sentiment Tweets Classification
Technology: Python with scikit-learn and Weka
Details: Applied sentiment classification on tweets regarding stock market events. 4000 labelled posts are provided as training data set. Data Mining software Weka is used for quick validation and evaluation of approaches. And Python machine learning package scikit-learn are used for data preprocessing.

2013 Spring

cs 426 – Video Game Design

Project: Pinball Game in Unity3D
Technology: Used Unity3D Game Engine and Kinect SDK
Details: Implemented Pinball game in Unity3D with Kinect SDK
Contribution: Integrated a community Kinect SDK that detects human skeleton and developed the game control from player’s arm motion.

Project: “Acute Infection”
Technology: Used Unity3D Game Engine
Details: A straightforward game about collecting resource, replicating your army and attacking enemy.
Contribution: 1). Implemented main game logic, enemy AI and shaders for graphics effects; 2). Implemented A* pathfinding algorithm;

cs 474 – Object-Oriented Languages & Environments

2012 Fall

CS 401 – Computer Algorithms I

IE 464 – Virtual Automation

IE471 – Operations Research